Folkest 2018
Contrada Lorì Lusevera - Bardo Folkest2021CONTRADA LORÌCONTRADA LORÌ Can you smell the aroma of this Valpolicella wine you have in your glass? – said Roberto Rizzini author, songwriter, music therapist, and co-owner of a well-known Veronese osteria to a group of friends – Well, this wine is made by a farmer, alone, at home. He is not a certified oenologist, he […]
CARANTANCARANTAN – Friuli         The term carantan indicated the five cents of the old lire in use at the beginning of the twentieth century; in Friulian popular culture this appellation has always been synonymous with something of little value. And since popular Friulian music has never been attributed a particular value in […]
LA MESQUIALA MESQUIA – L’àrbol and other stories           Two records to the credit, winners in 2015 of the competition Suonare@Folkest (now Alberto Cesa Prize), are among the most vivid realities of the scene of the Occitan culture valleys of Piemonte. Between 2016 and 2017 they dedicated themselves to the composition of […]
la quadrilla partecipanti a Folkest showcase 2023LA QUADRILLALA QUADRILLA – Corde grosse, tamburi, ance e plettri             Auteur music where pressing rhythms alternate with psychedelic atmospheres creating situations that lead to reflect, to scream one’s anger, in a world where Mafia, pollution and racism are the masters. Not just songs of protest or denunciation, but a real […]
TOMAT BANDTOMAT BAND – Twenty for twenty             Un progetto nato da un’idea di Davide De Lucia, Andrea Del Favero, Flavio Paludetti e Cristian Cecchetto, dedicato alla figura dell’artista inglese Gordon Matthew Sumner, meglio noto al grande pubblico come Sting. Non una semplice selezione di una serie di canzoni, magari esclusivamente […]
- Folkest 2019RANDOM QUARTETRANDOM QUARTET – Piedmont The Random Quartet was born in 2006 within the G. Verdi Conservatory of Turin; once the final exam has been passed, arises the need to continue a musical path even outside the academic environment. Step by step, the idea of ​​a string quartet released from traditional canons takes shape, where genres […]
Irdorath - Folkest 2019IRDORATHIRDORATH – Belarus Vladimir and Nadezhda met as poor students, with the idea of ​​creating music without genre boundaries, with various influences, where the idea of ​​fantasy was the core. And their first instrumental nucleus were their two bagpipes. The group has gradually expanded to the current line-up, which offers a show that, after abandoning […]
fragile-e-fieraFRAGILE E FIERAFRAGILE E FIERA with Serena Finatti, Andrea Venier, Pietro Sponton and Coro Sing&Feel  – Italy Papariano (Fiumicello) – Via Nazionale, Saturday 30th June, time 21.15 Fragile is this generation that confronted every day with the speed, the images, the slogans, which hides more and more behind a screen or that gets lost inside! Potentially can […]
Adriana SchepisADRIANA SCHEPISADRIANA SCHEPIS SPILIMBERGO – Torre Orientale, Saturday 7th July, time 21.15 The life of Patti Smith is made up of constant resurrections, plot twists, acts of rebellion and unpredictable turns: a girl who wanders skinny and hungry for the New York in the ‘ 70, along the streets of Greenwich Village and in the rooms […]
Alberto GeattiALBERTO GEATTIALBERTO GEATTI  Spilimbergo – Torre Orientale, Sunday 8th July, time 18.00  You’ve never been mine, you just sat side by side … Tiziana: she would have been before our eyes in the words and drawings of Alberto, and it is still today for anyone who meets him and his compositions. It was in fact creativity […]
ALLEGRA GENTEALLEGRA GENTE – Italy Pozzo (S. Giorgio della Richinvelda) – Piazza San Urbano, Friday 29 June, time 21.15 The group proposes a musical project that has his roots in the Italian tradition, with particular attention to the songwriting contaminated with sounds and rhythms of South America, as if seeking a sort of continuum between two […]
ALMAKANTICAALMAKANTICA – Italy Travesio – Piazza XX Settembre, Sunday 24 June, time 21.15 Almakàntica is the union of much words: Alma to emphasize the Soul in his most poetic and creative form; Cantica as a musical composition; Ancient in memory of the Origins and of the past Time. Almakàntica is the union of several regions […]
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