Folkest 2020
Na Fuoia - Folkest 2022NA FUOIA – 26/06NA FUOIA – CADORE Domenica 26 giugno 2022 Cercivento – Cjase da int Ore 16:00 INGRESSO LIBERO In caso di maltempo il concerto si svolgerà presso Cjase da Int Un ponte fra tradizione e modernità. Da un lato la testimonianza di ciò che un tempo si suonava diffusamente in Cadore, che viene principalmente da un […]
Green Waves - Folkest 2022GREEN WAVES – 19/06GREEN WAVES – ITALIA Domenica 19 giugno 2022 Enemonzo – Centro Sociale Ore 20:45 INGRESSO LIBERO In caso di maltempo il concerto si svolgerà presso la Sala Centro Sociale di Enemonzo Via Nazionale, 18 Cinque musicisti, provenienti da percorsi diversi, ma con la comune passione per la musica Irlandese e per le contaminazioni etniche: dal […]
Violoncelli Itineranti ft. Ana Pilat Pinzano al Tagliamento Folkest2021VIOLONCELLI ITINERANTI FT. ANA PILATVIOLONCELLI ITINERANTI FT. ANA PILAT Violoncelli Itineranti is a constantly evolving open group composed of three to twelve instrumentalists, students and orchestra professors, whose aim is to promote the cello in a non-traditional context. They prefer modern original music, Latin American music, jazz and improvisation. With the group collaborates the singer Ana Pilat, who brought […]
Musica Spiccia Folkest2021MUSICA SPICCIAMUSICA SPICCIA From a music school comes this curious and unique group project for all terrains, from the stage, to the street, to the tavern: twenty wild musicians of all ages. An orchestra of strings, wind instruments, accordions, strings and percussion instruments, made up of elements of all ages directed by the original baton of […]
Matteo Sgobino & Lune Troublante Folkest2021MATTEO SGOBINO & LUNE TROUBLANTEMATTEO SGOBINO & LUNE TROUBLANTE Quartetto di musica jazz/swing o jazz/manouche composto da musicisti provenienti da svariate realtà musicali, accomunati dalla passione musicale per lo swing francese degli anni ’40: classici della tradizione gypsy-jazz, genere musicale nato negli anni Quaranta a Parigi per mano del chitarrista zingaro Django Reinhardt e del violinista Stephane Grappelli nel […]
TINA MODOTTI GLI OCCHI E LE MANITINA MODOTTI GLI OCCHI E LE MANI – Breve viaggio per due voci e una chitarra                 The show retraces Tina‘s experiences from her childhood in Udine to her death in Mexico, through her emotions and pride, her abandonment and uncertainties, her feverish impulses and disappointments of a […]
ALESSANDRO D’ALESSANDROALESSANDRO D’ALESSANDRO – Free songs and dreamlike themes for “prepared” diatonic button accordion and electronics               He revealed his talent on the diatonic button accordion from a very young age, dedicating himself to the contamination of his instrument with styles and harmonies not exactly of ethnic inspiration, also through […]
ALBERTO GROLLO E FEDERICA CAPRAALBERTO GROLLO E FEDERICA CAPRA – From Bach to Pink Floyd             The master guitarist from Conegliano has a long discoraphic career in new age and fingerpicking. In addition to his solo work he has often worked with keyboardist and music therapist Rino Capitanata, with keyboardist Pietro Brovazzo. He composed […]
BINTARSBINTARS – Friuli               The Bintars are the actors of a long journey that began in 1977 when Angelico Piva, an expert musician who grew up in Milan and a great lover of Jazz but also of the popular music of his land in Friuli, and Roberto Tonutti, a […]
BRATISKABRATISKA – Friuli Venezia Giulia                 Gian Luca Bratina was born and lives in Trieste with the scent of the sea and influences of all kinds that inspire the lyrics of his songs, which he begins to produce at the age of fifteen. A first period of professional […]
CALIMANICALIMANI – Toscana             The Calimani were born at the end of 2016 from the Tuscan duo of friends Mattia Tartaglia and Francesco Checcacci, becoming a quartet with the entry of Niccolò Mutarelli on guitar and Elia Taverni on bass. At the same time the writing of the songs that […]
CARANTANCARANTAN – Friuli         The term carantan indicated the five cents of the old lire in use at the beginning of the twentieth century; in Friulian popular culture this appellation has always been synonymous with something of little value. And since popular Friulian music has never been attributed a particular value in […]
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