Folkest 2020
Carlo Pestelli Folkest 2020CARLO PESTELLICARLO PESTELLI – Piemonte   Carlo Pestelli lives in Turin, where he was born in 1973. After his first experiences with Fausto Amodei he created his own style halfway between irony and commitment. Between 1996 and 1999 he played with Cantovivo. Several albums to his credit and many collaborations with musicians from different musical areas […]
DANIELE D’AGARO & THE DIXIELAND STUMBLERS TRIODANIELE D’AGARO & THE DIXIELAND STUMBLERS TRIO – Honky Tonk Town             A repertoire focused on the music of the twenties and thirties, between New Orleans and Chicago, songs made famous by the great Louis Armstrong, William Christopher Handy, Jelly Roll Morton, Benny Goodman, Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington. […]
ELENA LEDDA E MAURO PALMASELENA LEDDA E MAURO PALMAS – Sardegna             The musical life of Sardinia is characterized by the archaic features of instruments and vocal techniques whose memory is lost in time, but also by the rich vitality of the present. For years Elena Ledda and Mauro Palmas have been experimenting, without […]
ENSEMBLE DU SUDENSEMBLE DU SUD – A spasso per il mondo               A colourful group made up of musicians from different countries of the world such as China, Romania, Venezuela, Senegal, Moldavia, Italy, which offers a mix of gipsy folk, Balkan music, cumbia, samba jazz, funky, Afro-Caribbean music, coladeira, which come […]
FANFARA STATIONFANFARA STATION – Italia/Algeria/Usa             Fanfara Station is a trio project with live looping that combines the strength of a wind orchestra, electronics and the rhythms and songs of the Maghreb. Fanfara Station won the 12th Andrea Parodi Prize (2019), also winning the critics’ prize and the prize for the […]
FRANCESCO GIUNTAFRANCESCO GIUNTA – Tantu u tempo cc’è in collaboration with Festival Frattempi                   What is the sense of time for Sicilians? Is there really a different way for them to consider the flow of events small or large? And on what could depend the presumed existence of an […]
GROP TRADIZIONÂL FURLANGROP TRADIZIONÂL FURLAN – Friuli             Testimony of a way of representing popular culture, simplicity of message and performance and with great communicative power, the Grop, born in 1999, has never changed its line-up, forming a team of friends who share a passion for music, popular traditions and communication. The […]
IL VIAGGIO DI MATIASIL VIAGGIO DI MATIAS           Theatrical/musical project that tells the story of Matias, a young boy who, starting from Argentina and South American rhythms, goes to the United States where he meets great stories, from jazz to blues and more, to end his journey in Italy, in Friuli, in search of […]
LA MESQUIALA MESQUIA – L’àrbol and other stories           Two records to the credit, winners in 2015 of the competition Suonare@Folkest (now Alberto Cesa Prize), are among the most vivid realities of the scene of the Occitan culture valleys of Piemonte. Between 2016 and 2017 they dedicated themselves to the composition of […]
la quadrilla partecipanti a Folkest showcase 2023LA QUADRILLALA QUADRILLA – Corde grosse, tamburi, ance e plettri             Auteur music where pressing rhythms alternate with psychedelic atmospheres creating situations that lead to reflect, to scream one’s anger, in a world where Mafia, pollution and racism are the masters. Not just songs of protest or denunciation, but a real […]
LITTLE TRAIN BANDLITTLE TRAIN BAND – Veneto                 Born as Acoustic Duo in the nineties with the aim of deepening the research in popular music of American matrix in an acoustic key, being appreciated in these years for the originality of the arrangements and the pleasant interpretation, as well as […]
MARCO SFORZAMARCO SFORZA – Canzoni a mezza pensione             Marco Sforza is an Emilian singer-songwriter, an ironic storyteller, pianist and guitarist. In addition to his solo works, he recorded the album Suonare Bargioni/Sforza with the singer-songwriter Dado Bargioni and shared with the accordionist Gildo Montanari the Duo Mezza Pensione, with whom […]
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