Folkest 2020
MORRIGAN’S WAKEMORRIGAN’S WAKE – Dagli Appennini all’Irlanda               Morrigan’s Wake, or The Awakening of Morrigan (literally queen of demons or great queen), takes its name from one of the three goddesses of war worshipped in the cult of pagan Ireland, along with Badb and Neiman. The group was born in Ravenna […]
NERI MARCORÈ – EDOARDO DE ANGELISNERI MARCORÈ – EDOARDO DE ANGELIS – Due amici dopo cena, tra chiacchiere e canzoni               Edoardo De Angelis conducts an interview with Neri Marcorè, which gradually becomes a musical encounter: two guitars, a bottle of wine, sheet music and notes scattered on the table, among chatter and songs, […]
POLITIKOSPOLITIKOS – Greece/Italy             Politikos because it derives from polis, the city of ancient Greece where citizens had the right to citizenship but also the responsibility to participate in common things by expressing opinions, initiatives, voting. And so, starting from the border given since ’68 with its occupied Universities, the […]
QUINTETO PORTEÑOQUINTETO PORTEÑO – from Alps to Pampas   Group born in 2006 with the purpose of exploring and studying Argentinean tango, with particular attention to the music of the great composer Astor Piazzolla. Popular music, South American music, jazz music, classical music and typically Italian songwriting intertwine to create a sound full of charm, cultured […]
ROLLING AROUNDROLLING AROUND – Venti d’Irlanda             Rolling Around is a group of five musicians who want to convey the energy of traditional Irish music. Sessions, concerts and collaborations have trained these musicians in an unreleased and dynamic line-up. Valerio and Victor bring Irish tradition to the stage by playing the […]
SILVIO ORLANDISILVIO ORLANDI – Michelle’s hurdy-gurdy             Among the founders of the folk movement in Italy, Silvio Orlandi was a member of the editorial board of the Folkgiornale. Leader of Prinsi Raimund, a prestigious group of traditional Piedmontese music, he later founded Malbruk with Roberto Aversa and Moia with Andrea Del […]
STREPITZSTREPITZ                 Not only a band but a workshop, open and experimental and therefore subject to continuous changes which are the result of constant research, from the Mitteleuropean suggestions and the first approaches to world music of the seventies, to traditional music and multimedia, to multidisciplinary and experimentation. […]
SUONNO D’AJERESUONNO D’AJERE – Winners of the Premio Alberto Cesa 2019             It is a trio from Campania born with the aim of exploring the entire repertoire of Neapolitan song from the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries to the present day, proposing it in arrangements that mix simplicity and stylistic rigor with […]
TERESA DE SIOTERESA DE SIO – Folkest Career Award                 Teresa De Sio, born in Naples, is a free, independent, innovative and experimental artist. Her albums, (two and a half million copies sold), have always been decided by herself and self-produced. Since 2004 she has also published them through her […]
TERRE DEL SUDTERRE DEL SUD – Dalla Majella ai Trabocchi             Starting from the tradition of its own land, Abruzzo, Terre del Sud ranges from the rhythms, dialects and cultures of central-southern Italy: songs and music that belong and identify, in a traditional and sometimes veined with a refined Mediterranean feel. A […]
TOCODEBANDATOCODEBANDA – In ‘sta via e dintorni             An artistic fellowship lost at the end of the nineties: Corrado Corradi with the Archedora project and a path linked to the new songwriter from Veneto, Roberto and Giancarlo Tombesi to continue with the others of the group the adventure, now almost […]
TOMAT BANDTOMAT BAND – Twenty for twenty             Un progetto nato da un’idea di Davide De Lucia, Andrea Del Favero, Flavio Paludetti e Cristian Cecchetto, dedicato alla figura dell’artista inglese Gordon Matthew Sumner, meglio noto al grande pubblico come Sting. Non una semplice selezione di una serie di canzoni, magari esclusivamente […]
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