Folkest 2021
Pama Cosa Solighetto Folkest2021PALMA COSAPALMA COSA Palma Cosa, daughter of art, began playing at the age of nine years under the guidance of his father Roberto. After finishing her studies at the conservatory G. Paisiello of Taranto, she attended various stages and seminars on improvisation and improvement. He deepened the fingerstyle performance techniques and began to compose pieces for […]
Massimo Luca Spilimbergo Folkest2021MASSIMO LUCAMASSIMO LUCA Italian guitarist, composer and record producer, is the most employed instrumentalist by the main Italian songwriters and artists of the seventies: Lucio Battisti, Fabrizio De André, Paolo Conte, Pierangelo Bertoli, Mina, Francesco Guccini, Loredana Bertè, Marcella Bella and Gianni Bella, Mia Martini, Bruno Lauzi, Roberto Vecchioni, Edoardo Bennato, Angelo Branduardi, Fabio Concato, Zucchero. […]
Martin Moro SpilimbergoMARTIN MOROMARTIN MORO A musician from Graz with a sparkling technique and a touch that is both powerful and delicate, he has helped shape the Austrian folk and blues scene since the 1990s and as a musician, performer and arranger throughout the German-speaking area. An original guitarist in the fingerpicking style, an appreciated folksinger, in recent […]
Marco Di Maggio Trio Spilimbergo Folkest2021MARCO DI MAGGIOMARCO DI MAGGIO Marco Di Maggio is a leading exponent of the international R’n’R scene, is considered by the specialized press as one of the best guitarists in the world. His band mixes R’n’R, Psychobilly-Core, NeoSurf-Rock, with a touch of Hardknocking Swing, creating an explosive mixture… Since 2008 Gretsch/Fender has elected Marco as the only […]
Giuseppe Tropeano Solighetto Folkest2021GIUSEPPE TROPEANOGIUSEPPE TROPEANO Giuseppe graduated at the conservatory F. Cilea under the guidance of Maestro Zema. He then dedicated himself to research and study of traditional instruments such as the chitarra battente and the lira.
Giovanni Giusto Solighetto Folkest2021GIOVANNI GIUSTOGIOVANNI GIUSTO Musicista, regista, attore, ha all’attivo dieci dischi come cantautore e altrettanti come paroliere e compositore per vari artisti, allestimenti teatrali, di danza, opera, teatro canzone, reading letterario. Come direttore artistico del Teatro dei Pazzi di San Donà di Piave (Ve) ha curato molti eventi e rassegne per Comuni, Regione, istituzioni pubbliche e private. […]
Friederike Schulz & Bernard Revel Solighetto Folkest2021FRIEDERIKE SCHULZ & BERNARD REVELFRIEDERIKE SCHULZ & BERNARD REVEL Guitarist and lutenist, pupil of Eugen Dombois and Hopkinson Smith, Bernard Revel founded with Friederike Schulz the Ensemble Convivencia. He was Director of the artistic residence at the Abbey of Caunes Minervois (Aude) from 1989 to 1993, fascinating Marcel Dadi himself for his guitar playing. Moved to Strasbourg in '93 […]
4Ways Road Spilimbergo Folkest20214WAYS ROAD4WAYS ROAD It’s hard to imagine how two beautiful, young and good musicians, both named Federica, agreed to play with two old goats like Andrea Del Favero and Alberto Grollo. The result is an interesting patchwork in which their personal musical tendencies converge, ranging from classical to jazz and from world music to country-blues. Violin […]
Wooden Legs Prato Carnico Folkest2021WOODEN LEGSWOODEN LEGS Group formed by five musicians based in Trieste, boasts a ten-year experience with numerous tours in Italy and abroad. Their repertoire ranges from traditional ballads, to sets of jigs and reels, up to original compositions in the particular and sometimes unexpected style of the formation. They have recently released their third studio album, […]
Violoncelli Itineranti ft. Ana Pilat Pinzano al Tagliamento Folkest2021VIOLONCELLI ITINERANTI FT. ANA PILATVIOLONCELLI ITINERANTI FT. ANA PILAT Violoncelli Itineranti is a constantly evolving open group composed of three to twelve instrumentalists, students and orchestra professors, whose aim is to promote the cello in a non-traditional context. They prefer modern original music, Latin American music, jazz and improvisation. With the group collaborates the singer Ana Pilat, who brought […]
Vincenzo Zitello Marsure Folkest2021VINCELLO ZITELLOVINCELLO ZITELLO The first popularizer and pioneer of the Celtic harp in Italy since 1977 he has dedicated himself to its study, then developing his own very personal approach to the instrument. Authentic leader of the European school, he had the opportunity to present his Ave Maria together with Rossana Casale, Franco Parravicini and Federico […]
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