Folkest 2021
SUREALISTASSUREALISTAS In their veins flow Argentina and Sicily, Pisa and Livorno… And even a pinch of Bosnia. Their hearts beat to the rhythm of Afro-American clubs, between cumbia and son, MPB and bossanova… among many dreams theirs was born, populated by original songs and at the same time rooted in the South American tradition. Keeping […]
Still Life Spilimbergo Folkest2021STILL LIFESTILL LIFE Still Life is an original musical project, based in Barcelona: a violin connected to a PC, with pedals, cables, effects, loops and a magical voice. They have two albums to their credit, with lyrics related to nature and primordial emotions, with the intention of sharing a message of hope, in the expression Still […]
Silvio Trotta canta Branduardi Auronzo di Cadore Folkest2021SILVIO TROTTA CANTA BRANDUARDISILVIO TROTTA CANTA BRANDUARDI Confessioni di un musicante is the metabolized reinterpretation of Angelo Branduardi’s music by Silvio Trotta, a musician who has always been interested in the repertoires of the great Italian singer-songwriter, in which he traces and recognizes his own great passions: Italian popular music, northern European sounds and ancient music with a […]
RobertoLucanero_Folkest2021ROBERTO LUCANERO TRIOROBERTO LUCANERO TRIO The trio is my favorite musical workshop. My companions and I start from the knowledge and, where necessary, from the reconstruction and revitalization of the traditional culture of my land, the Marche; at the same time we operate in such a way that this traditional culture, after having regenerated itself, takes on […]
Robert Vatovec Big Band Capodistria Fokest2021ROBERT VATOVEC BIG BANDROBERT VATOVEC BIG BAND Robert Vatovec’s Big Band is built around the leader, pianist, keyboardist and arranger, and singer Vivjana Babič Martucci. It was one of the first of its kind in Istria and paved the way for other similar groups on the coast. Founded in 2003, it has collaborated, among others, with Slavko Ivančić, […]
Nema Problema Artegna Folkest2021NEMA PROBLEMANEMA PROBLEMA Composizioni originali e musiche tradizionali cultura balcaniche, klezmer, jazz, rock, caraibica, confluiscono in un repertorio ricco di groove. Ispirati alle fanfare serbe, riprendendo i temi popolari dell’area. Hanno partecipato per due volte alla competizione per orchestre a fiati del Festival di Guča  dove sono arrivati terzi classificati e insigniti del premio speciale del pubblico. Durante l’Expo 2015 […]
Paolo Bonfanti e Martino Coppo Polcenigo Folkest2021PAOLO BONFANTI E MARTINO COPPOPAOLO BONFANTI E MARTINO COPPO It was 1985 when Paolo Bonfanti was contacted for the first time by one of the leading groups of European bluegrass, Red Wine, to temporarily replace a flatpicking acoustic guitar virtuoso like Beppe Gambetta, who in the meantime had embarked on a solo career. Since then, Paolo Bonfanti and Martino […]
Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare Udine Folkest2021NUOVA COMPAGNIA DI CANTO POPOLARENUOVA COMPAGNIA DI CANTO POPOLARE The Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare was born in 1970: the extraordinary success that the group obtained at the Spoleto Festival marked its international launch. Since then, the NCCP has repeatedly participated in all the most important festivals in Europe and overseas, alternating musical and theatrical activities, participating in numerous […]
Musica Spiccia Folkest2021MUSICA SPICCIAMUSICA SPICCIA From a music school comes this curious and unique group project for all terrains, from the stage, to the street, to the tavern: twenty wild musicians of all ages. An orchestra of strings, wind instruments, accordions, strings and percussion instruments, made up of elements of all ages directed by the original baton of […]
Motus Laevus Toppo Folkest2021MOTUS LAEVUSMOTUS LAEVUS Motus Laevus in Latin has many meanings and interpretations: literally translated in reverse motion can also mean counterclockwise or left-handed motion, everything and the opposite of everything, a world without boundaries. In the Motus Laevus project, sounds and musical languages of ancient and modern instruments, acoustic and electric, original and traditional pieces coexist […]
Mortimer Mc Grave Folkest2021MORTIMER MCGRAVEMORTIMER MCGRAVE We were born warriors and we didn’t realize it, say the members of the group. In short, to be warriors you had to be rebels against the social order, against unchangeable traditions and established powers. As children it’s easy, but as adults… As adults, when everyone looks at you wrong or makes you […]
Michele Pirona & Stefano Andreutti Romans d'Isonzo Folkest2021MICHELE PIRONA E STEFANO ANDREUTTIMICHELE PIRONA E STEFANO ANDREUTTI Michele Pirona, son of art, plays classical, acoustic and electric guitar passing through many musical genres. He teaches music and works as a session player, playing also with Chris Slade (drummer of AC/DC, Tom Jones, Jimmy Page, Dave Gilmour), Andrea Braido, James Thompson, Bobby Solo. His latest work is Point […]
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