Folkest 2021
EzioGuaitamacchi_Folkest2021EZIO GUAITAMACCHIEZIO GUAITAMACCHI Based on the latest book of the same name by Ezio Guaitamacchi, Amore, morte & rock’n’roll is an evocative multimedia show, made up of narration, sounds and visions that recounts the last hours of four legendary rock stars united by different and often little-known human and artistic liaisons. And whose endings were accompanied […]
Enzo Avitabile Spilimbergo Folkest2021ENZO AVITABILEENZO AVITABILE Italian saxophonist, composer, musician and songwriter, twice winner of the David di Donatello Award for best musician, for composing the soundtrack to the film Indivisibili, and for best original song with Abbi pietà di noi, a song from the same soundtrack; he also won two Nastri d’argento for the same music. He has […]
Ensemble Sangineto Cercivento Folkest2021ENSEMBLE SANGINETOENSEMBLE SANGINETO The Ensemble Sangineto project was born from the encounter of three musicians Adriano Sangineto, Caterina Sangineto and Jacopo Ventura, united by their passion for popular music and presents a repertoire of original compositions, characterized by an unusual combination of timbre: a rhythmic and playful harp with a Mediterranean soul; a bowed psaltery that […]
Coro FVG & Aleksandar Karlic Gorizia Folkest2021CORO FVG E ALEKSANDAR SASHA KARLICCORO FVG E ALEKSANDAR SASHA KARLIC This is not the first time that the FVG Choir has pursued the search for new forms of expression. Leaving the traditional groove of classical music is the result of a continuous desire and curiosity that is peculiar to it. Projects with singer-songwriters (Cristicchi and Tosca) jazz musicians (K. […]
Contrada Lorì Lusevera - Bardo Folkest2021CONTRADA LORÌCONTRADA LORÌ Can you smell the aroma of this Valpolicella wine you have in your glass? – said Roberto Rizzini author, songwriter, music therapist, and co-owner of a well-known Veronese osteria to a group of friends – Well, this wine is made by a farmer, alone, at home. He is not a certified oenologist, he […]
Birkin Tree Romans d'Isonzo Folkest2021BIRKIN TREEBIRKIN TREE The most important Italian band of Irish music for a concert of great impact and suggestion in which they tell all the colors and atmospheres typical of Ireland. A close musical dialogue poised between virtuosity and pathos, discovering the fascinating soundscapes of Irish music: the ancient and poignant ballads and the rhythm and […]
Bevano Est Pulfero Folkest2021BEVANO ESTBEVANO EST Bevano Est is a service area on the highway, it represents the idea of non-place, a place almost out of reality, where human materials of all kinds meet and brush against each other. Bevano Est is also a musical project that pulsates since 1991 and through the use of acoustic instruments and tradition, […]
Alvise Nodale Pinzano al Tagliamento Folkest2021ALVISE NODALEALVISE NODALE A young singer-songwriter from Carnia, he recorded his first solo album, Conte Flame, in 2015. Having approached the guitar as a self-taught musician, he was fascinated by popular music, coming into contact first with Lino Straulino and then with Giulio Venier. He is considered the heir to the songwriting tradition in Carnia. After […]
Avtomobili Capodistria Folkest2021AVTOMOBILIAVTOMOBILI Important new wave band from the then Yugoslavia and then Slovenia, they were born in Nova Gorica in 1982 around the brothers Marko and Mirko Vuksanovi?. In the initial period the group’s songs were written and sung in Serbo-Croatian. During their long career, Avtomobili have released twelve record albums, one of them, Klub Klubov, […]
ArconichéARCONICHÉARCONICHÉ A recently founded duo, the result of quarantines, formed by Andrea Del Favero, one of the key musicians of the rebirth of Friulian music (La sedon salvadie, Tischlbong, Moia), who divides his time between diatonic harmonics and percussion, and Fulvia Pellegrini (IndovinatoDuo, Green Waves, Tischlbong, La Luna e il Falò), a classically trained violinist […]
FDA Ensemble Folkest2021FDA ENSEMBLEFDA ENSEMBLE Different paths, but a common passion led this group of musicians to the project of A forza di essere vento…, which, starting from a precious verse of the Genovese singer-songwriter’s repertoire, becomes the title and synthesis of their own music making. The general meaning of the mentioned song, which is Khorakhanè, is contained […]
Matteo Sgobino & Lune Troublante Folkest2021MATTEO SGOBINO & LUNE TROUBLANTEMATTEO SGOBINO & LUNE TROUBLANTE Quartetto di musica jazz/swing o jazz/manouche composto da musicisti provenienti da svariate realtà musicali, accomunati dalla passione musicale per lo swing francese degli anni ’40: classici della tradizione gypsy-jazz, genere musicale nato negli anni Quaranta a Parigi per mano del chitarrista zingaro Django Reinhardt e del violinista Stephane Grappelli nel […]
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