Alzamantes – Italy

Udine Castello – Serata finale Suonare@Folkest – Tuesday, July 4th, 9.15 p.m

The so called “Alzamantes” band is a group of emerging talents whose skills entirely succeed in representing the evolution of the italian Balfolk movement. The italian and european traditional dances are displayed in a unique format, modern and gripping sounds further enrich the enormous range of sounds that goes from traditional south italian ballads to irish dances.
The whole performance is a trip that involves the audience thanks to the energetic and striking rhythm. It’s a ROCK format, together with a FOLK heart and everything it’s authentic!

Members: Dario Tornaghi – voice and accordion , Maddalena Soler – voice and violin, Filippo Ferrari – voice, electric guitar; Mirko Grilli: acoustic guitar; Angelo Merico: electric bass; Stefano Migliavacca: drums.