CAPITANO TUTTE A NOI – Itaca at Folkest for social issues


“Music is hospitality” 

Music and rights with an open reflection on social issues, for 18 years Itaca Social Cooperative and Folkest have been working side by side in an awareness-raising perspective aimed at welcoming people and respecting all individuals. Because safeguarding the right of citizenship is also synonymous of strengthening the autonomy of the person and enhancing all abilities. To give greater strength to its commitment, Itaca this year – and for the sixth consecutive year – will be present at Folkest with the Capitano tutti a noi project, a musical group born in Pordenone in 2013 and currently made up of six members.

Characteristic of the Capitano tutti a noi project is being constantly open to new entries, even if only to share a musical experience of listening to each others, in which the group as well as music becomes a family, a group of friends. A place and laboratory of comparison where the main elements are the strength of being a group and sharing a common passion, which is music.

Eighteen years have passed since that first meeting between Itaca and Folkest, and every summer ends with the commitment to continue to share a path and a common project to promote networking and meetings. To counteract the drifts of democracy, to support rights and values ​​such as closeness, brotherhood, mutual aid beyond any ethnic, stigmatic, religious, physical, social, gender, cultural or any other type of boundary.

Because it is only starting from these principles that it is possible to improve people’s quality of life, a path that Itaca and Folkest have been pursuing together since 2001: Concordia Sagittaria (2001 and 2002), Latisana (2003), Venzone (2004), Pordenone (2005), Maniago and Pordenone (2006), Pordenone and Portogruaro (2007), San Donà di Piave and Pordenone (2008), San Donà di Piave and Pordenone (2009), Pordenone, Udine and Maniago (2010), Pordenone and Spilimbergo (2011), Pordenone (2012), Pordenone (2013), Aviano, Tolmezzo and Spilimbergo (2014), Talmassons, Spilimbergo and Pordenone (2015), Fiume Veneto and Cassacco (2016), Pozzo di San Giorgio della Richinvelda and Romans d’Isonzo (2017), Pinzano al Tagliamento and Spilimbergo (2018).


Singing and playing together make you feel good: music has shown us to be a formidable stimulus to help overcome barriers, not only of prejudice but also of common thinking. This is how Capitano tutte a noi present themselves, a musical formation founded in 2013 in Pordenone within a project of the Itaca Social Cooperative, and currently made up of six members. The main vocation of the group is that of welcoming, music becomes not only a vehicle for artistic expression, but also an instrument for individual growth, a place of confrontation in which to experience the knowledge of the other, without prejudice.

A characteristic of the Capitano tutte a noi is to be a project that is constantly open to other members, even if only to share a musical experience of listening to each other, in which the group, as well as music, becomes a family. The aim of the project “is to overcome the taboos – the musicians explain – to integrate into the group people without prejudice and open to confrontation, with different stories and approaches to music in order to enrich the sound and life of the band itself“. Music is a possibility of redemption aimed at a viable future: there are those who would like to make music their work and, if all happen to us, it could happen.

“We also like to deal with the revaluation of songs, performers or bands that are not very well known by today’s young people, and that instead left an imprint on the history of music”. But the Capitano tutte a noi also sign their own pieces, in which they give voice to the joys, fears and feelings of every day. “The songs we are writing will be a sort of biography that will tell people about us and will make us feel, after all music is a common good of all and has no prejudice against anyone.

Valentina Ius
(vocals), grown between wave, dark and Duran Duran, she is the intense and biting front woman;
Felice Bellucci (vocals), a cavernous timbre that inevitably recalls the torments of Nick Cave or Johnny Cash, is the counterpart of Valentina;
Beniamino De Piccoli (guitar), versatile and imaginative guitarist, between soft finger picking and acrobatic virtuosity;
Roman Taran (drums), the youngest of the group, rhythmic column of the band;
Paolo Paron (keyboards, accordion, harmonica), starting from blues, he loves to mix modernity and vintage sounds;
Gianmarco Toneguzzo (vocals, bass), the deep voice of the English post-punk reached us.


Folkest edizione 2019



    • Papariano (Fiumicello Villa Vicentina) – Giardino delle Scuole, via Nazionale, Thursday 27 June, 9.15 pm, Free entry.
    • Madrisio (Fagagna) – Sala Polifunzionale “Sot dal morar”, Tuesday 2 July, 9.15 pm, Free entry.