The term carantan indicated the five cents of the old lire in use at the beginning of the twentieth century; in Friulian popular culture this appellation has always been synonymous with something of little value. And since popular Friulian music has never been attributed a particular value in the artistic-musical field, the group wanted to take this term ironically and metaphorically.

For over twenty years the Carantan have been researching and re-proposing the Friulian musical heritage (songs, dances) from the 16th century to the most recent times, also crossing into the traditional repertoire of Northern Italy and Istria.

The pieces proposed are intended to maintain those poetic, melodic and rhythmic characteristics inherent in traditional music and are sometimes revisited, enriched with the inclusion of some of their compositions that find inspiration in other musical genres.


Glauco Toniutti – violin, bagpipes, mandolin, spoons, voice, Andrea Barachino – guitar, bouzouky, voice; Caterina Vidon – cello, Stefano Durat – diatonic button accordion and voice.


    • Udine – Piazza Venerio, Tuesday 11 August, 9.00 p.m. Free entrance with reservation.
    • Spilimbergo – music in downtown clubs – Wednesday 30th September/Thursday 1 October. Free entrance.