Enzo Avitabile – Campania

Malnisio (Montereale Valcellina) – area via Alessandro Volta – Wednesday, June 28th, 9.15 p.m

With Acoustic World, Enzo Avitabile gives an acoustic rendition of the most recent works of his vast musical career with his trio, showcasing pieces of his works from the early noughties untill today. Avitabile is a singer that sings of southern Italy, which becomes almost a state of mind rather than just a place in his work. In his songs, southern Italy tries to discover and give the right importance to its roots through culrural discovery, thirst for knowledge, a limbo with no winners nor losers, just human beings trying as bretheren to reach peace through music, a vehicle of traditions and cultures since the down of time. Mr Avitable is now non-chalantly coming to terms with the importance given to him in a movie about his career by Johnathan Domme…

Members: Enzo Avitabile – vocals, arpina, fiute, drums; Gianluigi Di Fenza – guitar; Emidio Ausiello – drums.