FRAGILE E FIERA with Serena Finatti, Andrea Venier, Pietro Sponton and Coro Sing&Feel  – Italy

Papariano (Fiumicello) – Via Nazionale, Saturday 30th June, time 21.15

Fragile is this generation that confronted every day with the speed, the images, the slogans, which hides more and more behind a screen or that gets lost inside! Potentially can have everything but often can not be happy for anything. Admitting this fragility, we believe it is possible to change things and improve. Because only who has fallen to the ground can get up from a warrior who without a sword and without fire, is master of his game! A concert presenting a cd that speaks of presumed reality, dreams, love, feelings, nature. Training: Serena Finatti – voice, piano, loop station. The loop station is an electronic tool, which allows Serena to do everything: harmony, rhythm and melody, with her eyes closed Serena seems not to be alone while singing …; Andrea Varnier – acoustic guitar, loop station. Andrea plays acoustic guitar with a very personal technique developed thanks to his articulated course of study (classical, fingerstyle , metal, jazz) and to his many live experiences throughout Europe; Pietro Sponton – percussion. In addition to drums and classical percussion, he attended courses to deepen the study of percussions used in traditional, folk, ethnic music. (Congas, djembe, bodhràn, frame drums, etc …) plays a ‘lot of concerts in Jazz, pop, folk; Sing & Feel : Andrea Gorassini , Alessia Mei, Elena De Grassi, Elisa Perucci , Lara Martella, Marta Burba, Sofia Giraldi – The voices of this vocal ensemble are all different and very particular. In addition to using some percussion instruments In some songs Sing & Feel “use” their body (body percussion ) as a percussion instrument.