FRANCESCO GIUNTA – Tantu u tempo cc’è

in collaboration with Festival Frattempi










What is the sense of time for Sicilians? Is there really a different way for them to consider the flow of events small or large? And on what could depend the presumed existence of an exclusive Sicilian time that has no correspondences or, better, coevity elsewhere?

From these simple questions starts the range of reflections that Francesco Giunta, accompanied by Giuseppe Greco on guitar, proposes in his performance that already has in its title what seems to be the only certainty of his argument.
 All this, of course, singing in Sicilian dialect, which is that linguistic code which, as he himself states, he chose to write his songs “more than half a lifetime ago” because he had it as a gift from life.

And on closer inspection (and even better to hear) the dialect seems the most suitable tool to investigate the situations and themes that Francesco Giunta suggests, drawing from his repertoire, from some of the Sicilian authors who, although famous… think like him but also from the vast repertoire of proverbs and idioms of his region which, representing a way of thinking crystallized over time, are the most suitable subject for a critical re-examination and constitute the indispensable weapon to try to win it, in the inevitable duel with time.
 Maybe at least once, on stage.

Francesco Giunta – voice; Giuseppe Greco – guitar.


    • Spilimbergo – Teatro Miotto, Sunday 4 October, 9.40 p.m. Free entrance with reservation.