Heron Valley – Scotland

Fiume Veneto – Parco casa dello Studente – Thursday June 22th, 9.15 p.m

San Giovanni d’Antro (Pulfero) – Grotta d’Antro – Friday June 23th, 8.15 p.m

Chiasiellis (Mortegliano) – Area Festintenda – Saturday June 24th, 9.15 p.m 

Heron Valley are a traditional scottish folk band from Argyll. They performed all around Scotland in the last five years. The six artists play violin, accordion, scottish bagpipe, tin whistle, guitar, piano, bass, banjo, drums while also singing. Heron Valley’s reputation in their homeland folk scene grew very much very quickly, After a tour that involved the whole United Kingdom they will perform in Italy for the first time.

Members: Alex Mackechnie – fiddle, accordion, guitar; Nick Hamilton – drums, banjo; Abigail Pryde – vocals, guitar; Euan McNab bagpipe, flutes, guitars; Arlene Mackechnie – piano; Callum Cronin – bass.