HOTEL RIF – Piedirante, musica senza frontiere







The first embryo of the Hotel Rif project was born at the end of the nineties from the meeting between Mirco Maistro, accordionist, and Paolo Bressan, oboist and flutist, who shared a passion for folk and popular music.

Hotel Rif means travelling through the music of different populations, Mediterranean or Atlantic, with an attentive ear to history and tradition. Over the years, the group has included several musicians, a sort of musical workshop that manages to bring its music throughout Italy and abroad (from Spain to France, from Morocco to China…) In 2011 they released the album Il canto dell’anguana, awarded with the Targa Tenco as the best dialectal record.



Sabrina Turri – vocals; Mirco Maistro – accordion; Paolo Bressan – winds; Primo Fava – guitar; Lorenzo Pignattari – double bass


    • Flaibano – Piazza Monumento – Saturday 19th September at 8.30 pm. Free entrance with reservation.