I sordi

San Daniele del Friuli - piazza Vittorio Emanuele - 02/07/2023 - free entry


I sordi is a duo from Vicenza, composed of brothers Matteo and Riccardo Nicolin. In 2020 they released eh?, their first EP characterised by electro-funk sound. In January 2021 they recorded mah, where ethnic acoustic instruments, such as Aboriginal didgeridoo, Balinese gamelan and Sardinian launeddas, replace electronics. Deaf music is currently attracted by rhythms and colors of extra European traditions that make the deaf live a colorful performance where no pre-recorded base is used. People just dance and get caught in the deafness: every concert is a unique experience where i sordi play, sing, dance, and are even thrown!


SectionFolkest Showcase - Upbeat
Artisti sordi
Date02/07/2023 ore 21:40
PlaceSan Daniele del F. - piazza Vittorio Emanuele

Riccardo Nicolin: Percussion, drums, electronic;
Matteo Nicolin: guitar, bass guitar, horns, electronic.