In vino veritas

San Rocco (Forgaria nel Friuli) - Borgo Agnola - 17/06/2023 - free entrance



They are a medieval pagan folk band which is a mix of Celtic, folk, pagan and alternative music. After an initial period characterised by a deep work of research on ancient music, they started drawing inspiration from the varied musical experience of each of the members, that ranges from trance rhythms to ariosos, from Nordic sounds to passionate folk-rock harmonies. The result is a wonderful mingling, inspired by pagan traditions, medieval witchcraft, Celtic magic, Gothic and gargoyle aesthetics.

ArtistIn vino veritas
Musicmedieval pagan folk
Date17/06/2023 - 20:45
PlaceSan Rocco (Forgaria nel Friuli) - Borgo Agnola

Arthuan Rebis: vocals, nyckelharpa, bouzouki, Celtic harp, Galician gaita;
Siro Achille Nicolazzi: vocals, hurdy-gurdy;
Nicola Caleo: percussion;
Emanuele Milletti: electric bass, didgeridoo;
Nicola Bellulovich: flutes, chalumeau, traditional Italian bagpip.