Jig Robots

San Daniele del Friuli - piazza Vittorio Emanuele - 02/07/2023 - free entry


An electro-Celtic-folk trio that combines the evocative and ancestral sounds of the Irish wooden flute, the bodhran and countless percussion instruments with the energy of electronic music and the electric bass, constantly searching a sound suspended between an irretrievable past and an unreachable future. This unusual combination comes to life in the live performance where the traditional instruments aren’t accompanied by a simple base, but by live electronics and sensory percussion programming. A project of great relevance and sound impact.


SectionFolkest Showcase - Upbeat
ArtistJig Robots
Musicelectro celtic folk
Date02/07/2023 - 22:40
PlaceSan Daniele del F. - piazza Vittorio Emanuele

Alice Porro: Wooden flute;
Marko Jugovic: Bodhran, Drums, Synth;
Enrico Apostoli: Electronics, Live Electronics, Bass Guitar.