To seal this edition will be a truly exceptional presence: with a new album released this year, entitled Lost Souls (Quinlan Road, 2018), the world-famous Canadian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, icon of Celtic music, returns to Italy, Loreena McKennitt, with a summer tour of six dates throughout our peninsula.

In addition to Florence, Milan, Rome, Macerata and Bari, on Monday 22 July will be for Folkest at the Udine Castle.

About ten years after the release of her latest unreleased album, Loreena McKennitt returned in May this year with a new work and is ready to present it around Europe, with a total of 25 concerts across ten countries including Spain, Germany and, indeed, Italy.

The singer-songwriter has Irish and Scottish origins, and these have influenced her music, which draws inspiration from popular Celtic songs to which she adds an international touch, with a surprising and appreciated result all over the world. The artist has achieved important goals: 14 million albums sold with gold, platinum and multi-platinum records.

Nominated twice at the Grammy Awards, she won two Juno and the Billboard International‘s career award. On stage the singer-songwriter will be accompanied by musicians Brian Hughes (Celtic guitar, oud and bouzouki), Caroline Lavelle (cello), Hugh Marsh (violin), Dudley Philips (double bass) and Robert Brian (drums).


Folkest edizione 2019



  • Udine – Udine Castle, Monday 22 July, 9.15 pm, Admission with fee.


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