MESTISÒN – Colombia/Italy

Mestisòn are an explosive mixture of rhythms, songs, dances and ethnicities where traditional drums and minor percussions blend wisely with more modern instruments such as bass, sax and clarinet, giving life to rhythms such as cumbia, sòn corrido, mapalé, sòn palenquero, bullerengue and many others.

They offer characteristic songs from the Colombian Caribbean coast, rearranged in a modern key and with reggae and funky influences, using the Spanish and indigenous language of San Basilio de Palenque.

Luis Fernando Giraldo Bedoya – director, percussion and choir;
Beatriz Pisciotti – vocals, percussion, dance;
Elisa Nebbia – vocals, percussion, dance;
Elena Moro – vocals, percussion, dance;
Nicola Canever – sax;
Carmine Pesce – percussion and choir;
Gigi Stragapede – percussion, digeridoo and choir;
Alessandro Fiori – bass.


Folkest edizione 2019



    • Tricesimo – Piazza Ellero, Friday 28 June, 9.15 pm, Free entry.