MESUDÌ – Lazio







The group was born from the meeting between the vocal trio created by the singer Elisa Surace and the percussionist Simone Pulvano. Thanks to them the voice and the drum become travelling companions.

They have thus met different stories, traditions, artistic experiences. Between a chat and a glass of wine, classical polyphony has known the oral tradition of central and southern Italy, a cappella singing has intertwined with the Arab world, the voice has probed other possibilities and has become a rhythmic instrument. The voices and songs of Alessandra Di Magno, Claudia Ugenti and Elisa Surace blow, follow and chase each other to create a kaleidoscope of notes and images that gives us back the idea of a world still so close to us.

Elisa Surace – voice, guitar; Alessandra Di Magno – voice, percussion; Claudia Ugenti – voice, percussion; Simone Pulvano – percussion.


    • Spilimbergo – Teatro Miotto, Saturday 3rd October, 8.30 pm. Free entrance with reservation.
    • Spilimbergo – Teatro Miotto, Monday 5th October, 8.30 p.m. Free entrance with reservation.