Riccardo Tesi & Elastic trio

San Daniele del Friuli - parco del Castello - 30/06/23 - free entry



Riccardo Tesi is a famous diatonic accordion player, researcher and composer (Banditaliana, Bella Ciao, Accordeon Samurai …) who is considered a pioneer of ethnic music in Italy. His band Elastic Trio is versatile, multifaceted and inclusive, since it is always open for collaboration with musicians that are on the same wavelength. With drummer Francesco Savoretti, guitarist and vocalist Vieri Sturlini, Riccardo Tesi sets sail for an utopian Mediterranean, which has always been a source of inspiration, in order to create an exciting and unreleased show with new faces and new compositions. His music is characterised by passionate rhythms together with delicate and suggestive melodies that give life to a feast of sounds, voices and timbres and exalt the incomparable power of music in all its multifaceted forms.

ArtistRiccardo Tesi & Elastic Trio
Date30/06/2023 - 21:00
PlaceSan Daniele del Friuli

Riccardo Tesi: diatonic accordion;
Vieri Sturlini: guitars, vocals;
Francesco Savoretti: percussion.