Russell Joslin & Sarah McCaig – England/Australia

Pescincanna (Fiume Veneto) – Sala Parrocchiale, Wednesday 27th June, timee 21.15

Pinzano al Tagliamento – Giardino delle Scuole, Thursday 28th June, time 21.15

Sauris – Centro Sportivo, Friday 29th June, time 21.15

Russell Joslin is a folk songwriter from the North East of England. Raised in Wiltshire, soon moving to London, he successfully began his solo career. He then created the duo with the Australian singer Sarah McCaig, which is currently considered one of the most interesting shows in the London area. Passionate songs and splendid vocal harmonies characterize the music of the duo.
Training: Russell Joslin – vocals and guitar. Sarah McCaig – voice.