SONAS – Ireland

Northern Ireland group, formed by some of the most interesting young Ulster talents, winners of various competitions and of an All Ireland Young Championship. Some of them come from families that have given great interpreters to the Irish music.

Following the path of great bands like Altan or North Cregg, they have in the strength of their overall sound the most relevant characteristic. They boast a repertoire composed of sweet ballads led by the beautiful voice of Terry and wild dances where the sounds of reed instruments and wind instruments intertwine.

Fiannian O’Connor – Irish bagpipes, flutes;
Terry Conlan – guitar and vocals;
Miadhach O’Donnel – transverse flute;
Grainne Smith – barrel organ.


Folkest edizione 2019



    • Cercivento – Cjase da Int, Friday 28 June, 9.15 pm, Free entry.
    • Artegna – Collina di San Martino, Saturday 29 June, 9.15 pm, Free entry.
    • San Giorgio della Richinvelda – Garden of the Civic Library, Sunday 30 June, 9.15, Free entry.