TINA MODOTTI GLI OCCHI E LE MANI – Breve viaggio per due voci e una chitarra









The show retraces Tina‘s experiences from her childhood in Udine to her death in Mexico, through her emotions and pride, her abandonment and uncertainties, her feverish impulses and disappointments of a life lived without compromises, in a flow of words and music that slips through the folds of a powerful humanity.

An intimate journey where words, song and music linked to her places and lands, merge to redraw an emotional portrait of a woman, throughout her life as a photographer, artist, militant and above all a free woman, started on tiptoe to discover an overwhelming personality, a femininity far from stereotypes and conventions, which presents us with an unpublished Tina Modotti in a delicate and poignant narrative and musical continuum.

An essential, pure, sober artistic path: only two voices and the strings of a guitar, only the singing, the story and the intimate and sincere encounter with an existential parable of crystalline humanity, formidable courage.

Text by Alberto Prelli

Nicoletta Oscuro – voice

Matteo Sgobino – guitar and voice



    • Auronzo di Cadore – Piazza Santa Giustina – Monday 17th August, 8.30 pm. Free entrance with reservation.