San Daniele del Friuli - 02/07/23 - Free entry


Catalonia - Winners of Andrea Parodi Award 2022

Their stylistic code is the combination of music and theatre that came up naturally during their first concert in 2010. Modesto studied piano and ancient music while Alba is specialised in vocal technique. In 2014 they went to Buenos Aires and their lives changed. «There I realized I wanted to be a singer and a performer. Sometimes you just need to move out to find your way and say: ‘Well, this is what I really want to do’» says Alba. «For us there is a before and after Buenos Aires». Their show is a continuous mixing up of unusual instruments, that is to say plastic bags and a little table, in a surrealistic fusion of atmospheres where Alba’s and Modesto’s voices weave emotional melodies.

Date02/07 - 21:00
PlaceSan Daniele del Friuli

Alba Rubio: vocals, percussion;
Modesto Lai: vocals, percussion.