Folkest Award

Alberto Cesa Awards

The Alberto Cesa Award is designed to highlight all music that can give voice to one or more cultural roots from any part of the world. The organisation of the Award is under the supervision of the festival management, the editorial staff of and the Associazione Culturale Folkgiornale.

Now in its seventeenth edition, the prize has managed to carve out a prominent place for itself among national competitions dedicated to music, distinguishing itself for the originality of its formula and attracting the attention of RAI Radio 1, which has decided to support and sponsor the event, as well as the Nuovo Imaie, which has added a rich endowment to the prize for the organisation of a tour.

Each year six artists/groups are selected to perform in the final evenings in Spilimbergo.
In addition to a cash prize from Nuovo Imaie, the winner is guaranteed the opportunity to perform at the next edition of Folkest.

Folkest Lifetime Achievement Award

Every year since 1996, Folkest has awarded a special prize to someone who has left an indelible mark on music and society during his or her artistic career. Here are the details of the winners, year by year.

1996 Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull) – England
1997 Andreas Vollenweider – Switzerland
1998 Allan Taylor – England
1999 James Taylor – USA
2000 Paddy Moloney (The Chieftains) – Ireland
2001 Joan Baez – Usa
2002 Noa – Israel
2003 Alice – Italy
2004 Steve Winwood – England
2005 Riccardo Tesi – Italy
2006 Moya Brennan – Ireland
2007 Avion Travel – Italy
2008 Carlos Nuñez – Galicia
2009 Roberto Vecchioni – Italy
2010 Alan Stivell – Brittany
2011 Edoardo De Angelis – Italy
2012 Claudio Baglioni – Italy
2013 Antonella Ruggiero – Italy – Simone Cristicchi – Italy
2014 Valter Sivilotti – Friuli
2015 Angelo Branduardi – Italy
2016 Luigi Lai – Sardinia
2017 Fairport Convention – England
2018 Claudio Trotta – Italy
2019 Alberto Fortis – Italy
2020 Teresa de Sio – Italy