Preview with the Fieste da Sedon

The preview of Folkest 2024 will be dedicated to “Suns di storie e memorie – Fieste da Sedon,” a two day event on Saturday, June 1st, and Sunday, June 2nd, featuring workshops and free folk music with Friulian musicians at the Ragogna Castle.

This cultural event focuses on discovering and rediscovering local places, sounds, and traditions in an
active way, involving the local people.

  • Saturday, June 1st: At the Pieve del Castello, the program will feature CARANTAN, a groupco-founded by Glauco Toniutti. The evening will be dedicated to folk music and sound experiments, with performances by Dario Marusic, Andrea del Favero, and Giovanni Floreani.
  • Saturday afternoon: Children aged 8 to 12 can participate in a special treasure hunt to discover some typical places in Villuzza while listening to stories from its residents.
  • Sunday, June 2nd: The event will be filled with joy, music, and festivities at the castle. In addition to the castle, the hamlet of Villuzza will also be involved to talk about the environment and the history of the area.