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Folkest – international folk music festival is a 360° festival that develops various projects throughout the
year. For over twenty years, it has coordinated two awards: the Folkest Award – a life for music, which
since 1996 has been awarded to artists who, throughout their career, have left their mark on music and
society. With the Alberto Cesa Award, it instead rewards musical projects designed to give voice to one or
more cultures of the world.

For some years now, Folkest has also been part of two European projects:

European Folk Network

The European Network for the Enhancement, Conservation, and Promotion of Music and Cultural
Traditions in Europe.


Progetto UpBeat - european showcase

a network of 15 showcases in Europe, designed to promote and support emerging artists.

Alberto Cesa Prize
Folkest Prize
A life for music
Folkest Showcase and Upbeat