Folkest history

Since 1979 ...

A 45-year journey

A 45-year journey which has enlivened Friulian summer -but not only- since 1979. A festival that is
articulated in four countries where several ethnic groups have lived together for centuries. Its aim is to
give a voice to the diverse communities of the world thanks to substantial enhancement of all forms of
expression to reinforce cultural exchanges and intercultural dialogue. Culture is the catalyst able to bring
people together by overcoming social and political barriers in order to build an inclusive society based on
the respect for diversity.

  • 45 editions
  • 500 municipalities involved
  • 2000 + hosted artists
  • 1500 special events
  • 2 European Projects
  • 2 Dedicated Awards
Music and traditions


It started life in 1979 in San Daniele del Friuli under the name of “Fieste di Chienti”. Its roots were in a common group of young cultural operators, journalists and musicians in a period that can be described as a golden age for folk revival.
A large opinion movement brought the cultural value of ethnic minorities to the fore, especially in Europe but not only. In 1983 the festival was titled “Suoni e tradizioni” before acquiring the current name of “Folkest” in 1984.

The Festival

Let's find out together!

Folkest is a borderland festival which has always aimed at searching a connection between local territories and multi-faceted cultures within a region considered historically important in Central Europe.
Established as one of the most interesting artistic projects about the latest musical trends, Folkest Festival combines to celebrate the diverse heritage of the region, exploring its cultural patterns in a hotbed of no border music and lesser known traditions.

Some numbers

Municipalities Involved
Special Events

Singers and musicians from all over the world have been with us, to name a few: Joe Cocker (Gran Bretagna), Joan Baez (USA), Angelo Branduardi (Italia), Fairport Convention (Inghilterra), Noa (Israele), America (USA), Donovan (Gran Bretagna), Elio e le storie tese (Italia), Los Lobos (USA), Bob Dylan (USA), Jackson Brown (USA), Jethro Tull (Inghilterra), Edoardo Bennato (Italia), David Crosby (USA), Fabrizio De Andrè (Italia), Miriam Makeba (Sud Africa), Vlado Kreslin (Slovenia), Goran Bregović (BiH), David Crosby (USA); James Taylor (USA); Elisa (Italia).

The integration of the cultural and artistic proposal, aimed at cultural tourism with a medium-high profile, has always been the flagship of Folkest, together with the great relationship with all the organizers. It is a project of regional and cultural involvement of the medium-small municipalities of the region that collaborate through sustainable economic development for the promotion of lesser known territories and communities.