Ambra Pintore – Sardinia

Ospedaletto (Gemona del Friuli) – Parco Stroili – Saturday, June 17th, 9.15 p.m

Singer, actress and TV host, Ambra Pintore is an excellent performer whose passion bloomed when she was just a little girl. “Terre del ritorno” is the name of her second album, produced by S’Ard Music, which will be first performed during Folkest. This new album represents a personal growth of the artist, who wrote all the lyrics and songs. By listening to the album, the audience members can dip themselves in ten tales, told in several languages and dialects. Jazz melodies, “launeddas” sounds and country tunes freely blend, aiming to send new emotions to the audience.

Members: Ambra – voice; Giorgio Rizzi – drums; Roberto Scala – bass and accordion; Federico Valenti – guitars; Diego Milia – violin and saxophone.