BAIA TRIO – Piedmont 

Duino (Duino Aurisina) – Porticciolo di Duino, Monday 2nd July, time 21.15

Baia is a trio of music to dance. The music, that born in that mental region from Occitania to Brittany, passing from Central France. This accompanies the treads of the dancers, acaresses it, moves it light and blows it. A original folk repertoire, took and lived in the tradition, and re-lived on the stage. Enrico, Francesco and Gabriele passed by differents and similars expierences, the traditions more pure and the experimentation more extreme, to create a new sound, powerfull and refined. Their last fatigue was the beautiful CD “Coucanha”, published by Roxrecords.
Training: Francesco Busso- hurdy-gurdy electroacousticmusic, voice; Gabriele Ferro, violin and voice; Enrico Negro, guitar and voice