Duo Pondèl

San Giovanni d'Antro - Grotta d'Antro - 28/06/2023 - free entrance


Piedmont/Aosta Valley

Pondèl (Pont d’Aël) is the name of a place situated on the outskirts of Aosta, in Cogne Valley, where a Roman bridge, built more than 2000 years ago, attracts a lot of visitors. It is also the name chosen by Vincent Boniface (Trouveur Valdotèn, L’Orage) and Carlo Pestelli (Cantovivo), multi-instrumentalist and singer, respectively, for their multilingual, post-pandemic and dynamic folk duo. Their repertoire ranges from original to other people’s tunes, from folk ballads to instrumental tracks in Italian, French, English, Spanish, Valdôtain and Piedmontese patois. Third place at Alberto Cesa Prize 2022.

Duo Pondel live a folkest 2023
ArtistDuo Pondèl
CountryPiedmont/Aosta Valley
Date28/06/23 - 20:00
PlaceSan Giovanni d'Antro - grotta d'Antro
Entrance Free

Carlo Pestelli: guitars, vocals;
Vincent Boniface: musette, flutes, diatonic button accordion, vocals.