Elena Ledda & Mauro Palmas


Sardinia (Italy)

Two major figures in the Italian music scene come together again for a concert full of surprises, blending Mediterranean rhythms and sounds: the voice of Elena Ledda and the multi-instrumentalist and original composer Mauro Palmas. The musical life of Sardinia is characterized not only by the archaic traits of instruments and vocal techniques whose memory fades over time, but also by the rich vitality of the present. For years, Elena Ledda and Mauro Palmas have been experimenting, without ever losing sight of their identity, with new possibilities of blending traditional music with other sound expressions, envisioning a music open to the influences of jazz, singer-songwriter genres, and Mediterranean music in general. This artistic project engages with the most genuine and profound emotions. The mandolas of Mauro Palmas, the voice of Elena Ledda, and the evocative and ancient Sardinian language transport us to sound worlds and emotions that transcend the perception of time.

ArtistsElena Ledda & Mauro Palmas
CountrySardinia (Italy)
Concert4th July 2024 h 8:30 PM


Elena Ledda: vocals;

Mauro Palmas: cantabile lute and mandola.