Ensemble Sangineto

Tramonti di Sopra - area picnic di via Pradis - 25/06/2023 - free entrance



This band was founded after the meeting of three musicians, Adriano Sangineto, Caterina Sangineto and Jacopo Ventura, who share a passion for folk music. It is the magical combination of the rhythmic and playful tones of an harp with a Mediterranean soul, a bowed psaltery which frees itself from the restrictive connotation of ‘old instrument’ in order to explore all its technical and tonal possibilities, and a guitar that goes from manouche to rumba, from flamenco to jazz, becoming the leading instrument in the contamination. Back from a tour in New Zealand and the United States, they will present their new album, released by Folkest Dischi.

ArtistEnsemble Sangineto
Date25/06/2023 - 17:00
PlaceTramonti di Sopra - area picnic di via Pradis

Adriano Sangineto: Celtic harp, vocals;
Caterina Sangineto: vocals, bowed psaltery, flutes, bodhran;
Jacopo Ventura: guitar, bouzouki, charango, vocals.