Herbert Pixner Projekt – Sud Tirolo

Spilimbergo – Piazza Duomo – Saturday, July 8th, 10.30 p.m

Herbert Pixner Projeckt’s music is thought to be the best handmade music from the Alps. Energy, involvement, passion, improvisation: these are the elements of the band’s winning formula. Autenthic, clever music played with the perfect partners. The exceptionl Herbert Pixner from South Tyrol, who plays diatonic harmonica, clarinet, trumpet, fludge horn, saxophone and drums, managed to create an unique musical style together with his bandmates, with whom he shares a very specal connection. After more than a thousend shows and a half-dozen golden records this extraordinary project became one of the most successful shows in german-speaking countries, where their shows go sold out almost every time. Musical fireworks that go from traditional alpine music to oberkrajner, flamenco, gypsy jazz, blues, rock and world music.

Members: Herbert Pixner – diatonic harmonica, trumpet; Manuel Randi – guitars; Heidi Pixner – arpa tirolese(tyrolese harp); Werner Unterlercher – double bass.