Krzikopa, a name that with some difficulty we can pronounce in English Kshee-copa, is an interesting formation that for some years has devoted itself to the promotion of music and culture of the ancient Roman region of Silesia, that Silesia which is currently the most industrialized area of Poland, bordering the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In order to do this, they sought a personal musical line, thanks to a style that they themselves call progressive elektro-folk. Beautiful female voices in evidence, violin and accordion and a modern rhythm section even dance. And that of dance is the main objective of the group; to do so, they decided to update their musical proposal with the dance stylistic features of today, but not disdaining classic incursions between Beethoven and Strawinsky.

Katarzyna Dudziak e Karo Przewłoka – solo voices,
Adam Romański – violin;
Mateusz Dyszkiewicz – bayan;
Dominik Kalamarz – electronic;
Spacepierre  – drums e percussion.


Folkest edizione 2019



    • Spilimbergo – Piazza Duomo, Sunday 7 July, 10.45 pm, Free entry.