LA MACINA – Marche

Spilimbergo – Piazza Duomo, Saturday 7th July, time 21.15

40 years of activity, the publication of 16 LP and the volume Cultura Popolare Marchigiana, surely the largest and comprehensive collections of songs and populars traditions, that do the “Gruppo di Ricerca and Canto Popolare la Macina”, the authoritative spokesman of the rich popular heritage of Marche. The group” la Macina” is a collective of etnomusicologists and musiciants, and the aim of the band is to study to development the traditional music.
The aim of this band is what say, singing for how their sing, for the expressive and for how they are able to draw on the sap from the deep-rooted of their land, making their the arrangements and the rituals of the farmers, with respect and love. Moreover, La Macina was able to deliver, in 1988, il “Centro Tradizioni Popolari”, working not only as conservative structure but also as agent to promotion and study of music and traditions.
Training: Gastone Pietrucci, voice; Adriano Taborro, guitar mandolin voice and musical direction; Marco Gigli, guitar voice and percussions; Roberto Picchio, accordion; Michele Lelli, percussions; Riccardo Andrenacci, battery; Giorgio Cellinese, coordination.