LA QUADRILLACorde grosse, tamburi, ance e plettri







Auteur music where pressing rhythms alternate with psychedelic atmospheres creating situations that lead to reflect, to scream one’s anger, in a world where Mafia, pollution and racism are the masters. Not just songs of protest or denunciation, but a real “cultural guerrilla” seasoned with a touch of healthy irony.

Nicola Lollino at the voice and accordion, Toni Urzì at the guitar, Andrea Luongo at the pressing rhythms Luca Canevaro at the big strings. To the credit the participation to the Buscaglione Award 2014, finalists at Sottotoni2015, semifinalists Emergenza 2016, finalists at M**Talent 2018, winners of the prestigious award Suonare@Folkest 2018 as well as numerous live appearances in clubs and festivals in northern Italy. After the release in December 2016 of the first album L’Impresa the first environmentalist concept album Pianeta B arrived in spring 2019.


Nicola Lollino – voice and accordion; Toni Urzì – guitar; Andrea Luongo – drums; Luca Canevaro – bass guitar


    • Romans d’Isonzo – Casa Candussi-Pasiani, Saturday 26th September, 5.30 p.m. Free entrance with reservation.