Nubras Ensemble

Ronchi dei Legionari - piazza della Concordia - 22/06/2023 Stevenà (Caneva) - parco di Villa Frova - 23/06/2023 - free entrance



Nubras is an international ensemble that aims at building a bridge between classical music, jazz and popular traditions from the Balkans and the Middle East. A female string trio meets saxophone, accordion and percussion among original tunes, Bulgarian dances, Romanian and Arabic suites, and songs of Serbian and Macedonian origins. These are the colors that transport the audience into multiple dimensions, from a street feast to the coziness of the villages from Eastern Europe and Mediterranean. Nubras in Arabic is the lantern of those who open new paths.

ArtistNubras Ensemble
1° Date22/06/23 - 21:15
1° placeRonchi dei Legionari - piazza della Concordia
2° date23/06/2023 - 20:45
2° placeStevenà di Caneva - parco di Villa Frova

Carla Mulas González: violin;
Giulia Anita Bari: violin;
Rachel Blueberger: cello;
Giorgio Gadotti: alto saxophone;
Luca Cioffi: percussion;
Nino Conte: accordion.