Osso Sacro


Campania (Italy)

Osso Sacro radically questions the contemporary through the ancient and vice versa, blending lost orality with improvisation, unmarked text with contemporary metrics. Their music travels from the sound-that-was to the sound-that-could-be and back again, spanning the central-southern Apennines. With Osso Sacro, poetry becomes music. The relationship between voice, text, and arrangement is inextricable: words are spoken, shouted, sampled, and sung, involving many voices in a choral and original narration led by Vittorio Zollo. The words resonate within the network of strings by Corrado Ciervo and the synthetic fields of Carlo Ciervo, flowing from the skin of tambourines to jazz, fusion, and electronic drums.

ArtistOsso Sacro
CountryCampania (Italy)
MusicMediterranean Music, Jazz, Fusion
Concert6th July 2024 h 8.45 PM


Vittorio Zollo: voice;

Corrado Ciervo: violin, guitar, voice;

Carlo Ciervo: Synth bass, piano, sampler, voice;

Giuseppe Tomaciello: drum-pad, percussion;

Carlo Corso: drums.