Taranterrae – Campania

Porcia – Villa Correr Dolfin, Thursday 28th June, time 21.15

The Taranterrae ethnic-popular group, founded around 1996 in the ancient village of Casertavecchia, founded with the aim of divulging the tradition of the popular peasant songs of the area of the old province of Terra di Lavoro, using the typical tools that are joined by voices archaic sounds rich in glissati and modal ambiguities.
A full-bodied group of about twelve members worked extensively and still works on research in the fertile land of Caserta, re-proposing many of the materials collected by group members and other important ethnomusicologists.
Among the styles that the group presents in his representations, there are: the Villanella, the dance ‘ncoppe’ ‘or tammurro, the Tarantella, the Fronna, the Moresca, the Ballarella.