Taverna Umberto I – Sicily

Cercivento – Cjase da Int, Tusday 26th June, time 21.15

This group is born from the two Sicilian brothers, Giuseppe and Gian Filippo Santangelo. The name is a tribute to a local historian who is located in Piazza Armerina, known place of the island. In 2008 he released the first studio album of the group, Parole dal Sud, composed of unreleased tracks and lyrics
Autobiographies, facts of lived and other imaginative stories that recall the colors and scents of their land, Sicily, and with them people, love, memories and emotions that sometimes touch the heart of who listen to them. There is no lack of criticism of the problems of society and of a relationship between the new and the ancient. The new album, Step by Step, will be presented at Folkest.

Training: Gian Filippo Santangelo-acustic keyboard and voice, Marco Profeta – electric bass; Francesco Camminati – drums; Eugenio Cattini – electric guitar.