Tupa Ruja

San Daniele del Friuli - via del Lago - 01/07/2023 - free entry


Italy - Winners of Alberto Cesa Award 2022

What started as a duo in 2006, from an idea of Martina Lupi and Fabio Gagliardi, with the desire to mix ancient sounds with cool electronic and contemporary sounds, releases the album Impronte Live (2013) together with drummer, guitarist and arranger Alessandro Chessa. They open for the collaboration with pianist Alessandro Gwis and record the album In questo viaggio (2019). Their new four-piece ensemble, with Nicola Cantatore and Stefano Vestrini that won Alberto Cesa Prize 2022, presents a concert based on original compositions, characterised by their sounds which go through times and cultures, mixing didgeridoo, contemporary improvisation, percussion, Indian harmonium, Mongolian harmonic singing, flutes and original songs in many Mediterranean languages.

tupa ruja live a folkest 2023
ArtistTupa Ruja
Musicworld music
Date01/07 - 22:00
PlaceSan Daniele del Friuli - via del lago

Martina Lupi: vocals, shruti box, flutes;
Fabio Gagliardi: didgeridoo, percussion;
Nicola Cantatore: guitars;
Stefano Vestrini: drums, percussion.