ViaNova e la Compagnia Suon&Passion – Campania

Spilimbergo – Piazza Garibaldi – Saturday July 8th, 6.30 p.m

The so called “ViaNova” band is the result of an ambitious collective idea of six brave musicians coming from the Atella land, an area located between Naples and Caserta. The band aims to bring back to life not only the musical and cultural traditions belonging to the Atella area, but also the cultural wealth offered by the whole of southern Italy. “Via Nova” will attend Folkest together with Suon’e passion, attempting to reunite the musical finesse of the “Regno” to ancestral and captivating beats from the traditional culture of the land of hemp. They take part in this project with great entusiasm, trying to make two distinct bands, Via Nova and Suon&Passion, come together, being greatly acknowledged by the audience.

Members; Giuseppe Iovane – guitar and vocals; Antonio Colella – guitar and vocals; Pasquale Limatola – keyboardse;Antonio Copertino – bass; Giuseppe Bortone – drums; Andrea Carboni – tammorra, cajon, djembe