Capitano tutte a noi, Russel Joshlin e Sarah McCaig – Pinzano al Tagliamento

Thursday 28 June: Pinzano al Tagliamento, at 9.15 pm, again the duo Russell Joslin & Sarah McCaig, this time joined by the Italian group Capitano tutte a noi, training born in 2013 in Pordenone within a project of Itaca social cooperative, and currently trained by nine members. For this group music becomes not only a vehicle for artistic expression, but also a tool for personal growth.


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Place: Pinzano al Tagliamento, School gardens [How to arrive]
In case of bad weather the concert will be held in the Interior of the Schools
Date: 28/06/2018
: Russell Joslin & Sarah McCaig
Contry: UK, Australia
Artist: Capitano tutte a noi
Country: Italy
Time: 09.15 PM
Entrance: Free



Pinzano al Tagliamento is located in the middle- valley of the Tagliamento River. On the western side of the town, we can find the Cosa valley, while on the north-eastern side we can see the Arzino valley. The Geographical area of Pinzano is an example of the beauty of nature that characterizes Friuli. Pinzano is mainly famous because of the bridge that offers a breathtaking view on the Tagliamento river. The bridge was destroyed by the Italians during the route after the Caporetto defeat in World War I and rebuilt after the end of the war. 
Pinzano was deeply and sadly affected by the Earthquake that occurred in 1976. Following the successful renovation of the buildings and the art pieces, the commune earn the gold medal for the civil effort.