Folkest in Spilimbergo – Sunday 7 July




Teatro Miotto
10.30 FRANCO ZANINI and DANIELA PICOI (RAI) – A new light for the study of ancient sounds *
11.30 ANDREA DEL FAVERO and ANGELO FLORAMO – Lungje, po’! The instruments and orchestras of popular music in Friuli *
16.00 RADICI – The wonderful journey of Lomax and CarpitellaA film by LUIGI MONARDO FACCINI, from an idea of MARINA PIPERINO, produced by ISTITUTO LUCE CINECITTÀ

* The events of 10.30 and 11.30 will take place at the Enoteca in via di Mezzo 2 in Spilimbergo.


Torre Orientale 
18.30 JACOPO TOMATIS and MAURIZIO BETTELLICultural history of the Italian song
19.30 VINCENZO SPERA and NICOLA ANGELIOne meter from the stage. Autobiography of a promoter

21.15 Performance of the Premio Folkest – Alberto Cesa groups

ENSEMBLE DU SUD (China, Romania, Venezuela, Senegal, Moldova, Italy)
MADAMÈ (Piedmont)

Piazza Garibaldi *
21.15 LA QUADRILLA (Piedmont) – Winners of the Folkest Award – Alberto Cesa 2018
22.45 LA MASCHERA (Campania) – Winners of the Parodi Awards 2018

presents Martina Vocci

* In case of bad weather the events will be canceled.


Piazza Duomo *

21.15 DRAKULA TWINS (Hungary)
22.45 KRZIKOPA (Polonia)

presents Adriano Sabotto

* The concerts in Piazza Duomo will take place at the Miotto Theater.


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