ORCOLAT’76 – Friday 15th of September – Gemona del Friuli cathedral.

Orcolat ’76 of Simone Cristicchi and Francesca Gallo, written by Simone Cristicchi and Simona Orlando.

Production: Folkest

Simone Cristicchi in this performances tell us the Friuli earthquake happened in 1976. Simone Cristicchi and Simona Orlando are the authors of this project that will go on stage Friday 15th of September in Gemona del Friuli cathedral.
The performance has been created thanks to memory and testimony of people and community hit by the earthquake in the 1976.
Cristicchi with this work reinforce the bond with our earth offering a further one occasion to make known the facts and mostly, to convey the feelings and history of a people put to the test.

Original music of the master Valter Sivilotti with the partecipation of Mitteluropa Orchestra, Friuli Venezia Giulia Choir and Maia Monzani.
Songs of Dario Zampa, Giorgio Ferigo and Ennio Zampa, written work from the original music of Renato Stroili Gurisatti.

Free entry until seats are depleted.

Reservation and pick up tickets at IAT office, Via Bini, 9 – Gemona – office hours: 9.30/ 13.00 – 15.00/19.00
tel. +39 0432 981441