People with disabilities

Useful Informations

As is well known, the venues used for the realization of events have areas designated for people with disabilities. These areas have a limited number of seats, in accordance with safety regulations and the capacity of the venues themselves. The spaces identified for attending concerts do not always coincide with those strucured in the venue. It is essential that people with disabilities and/or their companions who intend to participate in one of our events send a request via email to (office +39 0432 1723158 or mobile: +39 335 1202124), providing information about their situation (whether in a wheelchair or not, plus the number of companions) and indicating their phone number and address.

We specify that for some events, a seat in the assistance area is guaranteed for only one companion. Adequate information will be provided each time. We will take care to notify users in a timely manner about the dedicated entrance procedures and any other useful information. Email reservations will be considered in chronological order, based on the available seats, allowing us to offer better service to spectators with disabilities.

Additional Informations

We specify that the ticket holder is the spectator with a disability, and the companion can access the concert with a courtesy ticket (€2.00), to be collected on the same evening at the ticket office. It is necessary to send an email to, specifying the desire to purchase a ticket reserved for people with disabilities (ambulant and non-ambulant who need continuous assistance), and declaring the name of any companion.

The request must include the date of the event you wish to attend, along with documentation proving the disability. A written confirmation from the organizer is required, who will respond to each email with all the useful information for payment and ticket collection, if the request can be accommodated. For safety reasons, the organizer cannote guarantee access to all spectator who have purchased tickets for different sectors than the one provided. Access to the concert venue by private vehicle will be allowed only for transit before and after the concert, respecting the time that will be communicated before the event. Under no circumstances will parking be allowed in the castle courtyard.