Premio Alberto Cesa – 2021

There was a twist on Monday 23 August in Spilimbergo during the final of the “Premio Alberto Cesa 2021” competition, a prestigious award that is part of the 43rd edition of Folkest. Among the six finalists competing in front of a sold-out audience at the Teatro Miotto in Spilimbergo, no winner was announced.

“After the vote there was a unique case of a tie between several bands. At that point, the jury did not consider that there was a musical project that stood out clearly from the others and decided not to award the Alberto Cesa Prize for 2021. Of the groups participating in the final phase, Fragment and Mattanza will be called upon to perform during Folkest 2022“.

The six finalists competing for the prize were Ajde Zora, Djelem Do Mar – Fabia Salvucci & Sara Marini, Fragment, Mattanza, Miriam Foresti and Sara Marini & Torrendeadomo, while this difficult decision was taken by a high-level jury of journalists, musicians and authors made up of Duccio Pasqua (Rai Radio1), Felice Liperi (La Repubblica) Elisabetta Malantrucco (Rai Techetechetè), Claudia Brugnetta (Rai director), Elena Ledda (artistic director of Premio A. Parodi), Antonella Costanzo (musician), Alessandro D’Alessandro (musician), Rebeka Legovic (TV Koper Capodistria), Michele Gazich (musician), Maurizio Bettelli (author), Valerio Corzani (Rai Radio 3), Alessandro Nobis (Folk Bullettin) and Martina Vocci (TV Koper Capodistria).

Enzo Avitabile, who received the coveted Folkest Award – A life for music 2021, and who for the occasion together with La Sedon Salvadie, performed a tribute to traditional Friulian music in Neapolitan, adding lyrics between improvisation, rap, folk, jazz and world music, for an evening that involved and excited the Folkest audience that filled the Miotto Theatre. During the performance, Enzo Avitabile dedicated a song to the children of Afghanistan and to all the children of the world, which moved those present and the entire organisation.

In the presence of the Councillors for Tourism and Culture of the Municipality of Spilimbergo (Bidoli and Filipuzzi) and the President of FriulOvest Banca, Lino Mian, it was the turn of the Mayor of Spilimbergo Enrico Sarcinelli and Andrea Del Favero, Artistic Director of Folkest. to present the award to Enzo Avitabile During the evening, conducted by Duccio Pasqua and Martina Vocci and broadcast live on RAI RADIO 1, pointed out that Folkest is an important piece of the cultural mosaic of the city of Spilimbergo. As in every edition, the evening was sealed with the presentation of a precious jewel, made by Leo Orafo of Spilimbergo, and the plaque “Premio Folkest – Una vita per la musica 2021” by FriulOvest.

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